.Social Impact: what we do-

Our approach

At Stepping Stone, we’re on a mission to reduce inequality. So, how exactly do we do this?⁠

Stepping Stone exists to help women who have arrived in Australia as migrants or refugees from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. Many have experienced hardship, traumatic events and lots of uncertainty. In addition to this, they face a range of barriers to employment. We aim to provide a sense of connection, safety and belonging to our staff. We want women to thrive in all parts of their lives, and achieve a healthy self, healthy work. We do this through healthy vegetarian cafés.

What actually is a work integration social enterprise (WISE)?

A WISE is a type of social enterprise that focuses on improving employment prospects for those furthest from the labour market though a wider range of work-based opportunities
This group faces the highest barriers to entering the Australian workforce. These include:
  • The refugee and resettlement experience and its impact on job-seeking
  • Discrimination in employment
  • Lack of appropriate services to support employment transition
  • Limited access to transport and affordable housing close to employment
  • Limited recognition of skills, qualifications and experience
  • Limited English proficiency
  • Pressures of juggling employment and domestic responsibilities
  • Lack of Australian work experience & knowledge of Australian workplace culture and systems

What makes us a WISE?

At Stepping Stone, we're more than just a café. We're a social enterprise committed to making a difference, integrating work and community support, and fostering an environment where refugee and migrant women can thrive.

Our impact [in Australia]

Number of CALD, Migrant & Refugee women we've employed since 2020
Since our Canberra opening in July 2020, we've employed and trained 43 women from diverse migrant and refugee backgrounds. We're excited to see this number continue to grow!
Number of employees who arrived in Australia as refugees
68% of our employees arrived in Australia as refugees within the last 10 years.
Percentage of our revenue that goes to beneficiary wages and superannuation
For every $10 you spend at Stepping Stone, $5.10 directly supports our beneficiaries. Over half our income goes to wages and superannuation, with an estimated $480,000 set for beneficiary wages this year.